SJ-01-0108 : Mitologi Zoroaster

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SJ-01-0108 : Mitologi Zoroaster

baru2 saya ade terjumpe petikan dibawah ini yg menyatakan ade persamaan dgn mikraj Nabi Muhammad saw.. mohon diberi pencerahan..

Mitologi Zoroaster:

"The hagiography of Islam assures us that Prophet Mohammed ascended to heaven from Jerusalem on the mythical beast Barak. He crossed the 7 spheres,exchanged greetings with the patriarchs and beheld the glory of God.

The Dinkard tells us that at the entreaties of Asho Zarthustra Bahman Ameshaspand transcendentally elevated his consciousness to the realm of heaven wherein Asho Zarthustra looked at the reflugent majesty of God. A similiar journey was attributed to the virtous Ardaviraf who visited hell, purgatory and heaven during his spiritual journey. Of course Ardaviraf couldnot look at God directly.

The above similarities are obvious, a more careful research would reveal more parallels. However even these points are to close to be dismissed as mere coincidences. This means Zoroastrianism has had an enormous impact on Islam, which is not acknowledged. Everyone agrees Islam owes a lot to Judaism and Christianity but I feel that Prophet Muhammad borrowed very heavily from Iran and this can be perhaps attributed to that shadowy figure of Dastur Dinyar ( Salman Farsi). This debt is so impressive that it had to be consistently downgraded and later denied.Afterall if Islam is supposedly directly inspired by God it cannot be seen to be acknowledging any debt to an older faith, specially the faith of a nation which Islam has defeated. This may perhaps explain the ferocity of the persecuton Islam directed at Zoroastrianism-to do away with an embarassing history of its origin."

SJ-01-0108 : Mitologi Zoroaster



Tak perlulah kita risaukan dengan dakwaan adanya Isra' dan mi'raj dalam agama lain termasuk zoroaster (majusi). Ini kerana yang kita kena ambik peduli ialah Isra' dan Mi'raj dalam agama kita adalah benar2 berlaku dan diabadikan dalam surah al-Israa'. Dalam agama lain, spt Majusi dan Hindu. mi'raj tu urusan biasa aje dalam mitologi akidah mereka kerana mengkut kepercayaan mereka, Dewa-dewa sembahan mereka sentiasa berulang alik dari bumi ke kayangan. sekian WA