SJ-13-0362 : if god want 1 religion to worship Him, He ...

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SJ-13-0362 : if god want 1 religion to worship Him, He ...

salam. how should we said (in english) when my frenz asked :

first all i would like to ask why on earth did this topic comes out in such website (i mean hello we got USM logo here).. do all of us here want our university to be posted at the front page of KOSMO, STAR n etc because of our religions fight here.. sooner or later this thing will leak out to the outside world.. what i would like to suggest is if you guys really want to debate, discuss or talk about this issues, its better for all you to build a new forum for this.. its very inappropriate for we to discuss it its you look like you are looking for a solution here.. but to my dismay, it has been a field for a battle which religion is much better.. do you think when the non mus they would be happy and like what they read.. the religion issues as everybody know is such a sensitive issues.. so why do all of you discuss it here.. do you want a riot to happen here, at USM.. this would bring such a shame to all of us here.. just because of small topic like this it can cause havoc. can't you see that? human are made to defend in what they believe in.. i just want to ask all you here, who here before they were born they really choose to become a Muslim, Christian, Buddhist or Hindus.. the answer is no right? God has a plan for everyone of us. what if you are born in other religion than what you are now, think what will you stand for? the one you are born with right? i know as people grow they will seek for truth in their life.. and there should be a much proper way for this.. you see, world nowadays all looking for differences among themselves, but the truth is we still bleed the same red blood, we still breath the oxygen to survive.. if only we find our similarities and make it as a bridge for us to live in peace, by all means, we should..God makes us all different in colours, religions and races.. why? that is the mystery of it. if He only want one colour, religion or race to worship Him, He could have done it long ago. for me, its because God want to see how we accept each other regardless of whatever the differences we have.we are the desendance of adam and eve, and that makes us brother and sister long before we knew it.. would you think God would be happy when He sees all this. we fight, we kill each other His own creation. does that is the reason why He created all of us here? that is the ques for you yourself to answer. nowadays people are being selfish, hypocrite, war are everywhere. think of how we can minimize this not how we want to add it.

you see rather than we fight which one is right and which one is wrong, its better for us to seek within our own faith the good values in it and practice it. go help the poor, the marginalized, those who are in pain, those who need love and care. be a better instrument of God because we do believe in him right? outside there in the real word thereare much more things that we need to care of, that need our attention.

sooner or later, we all will die. the end of day will come to all mankind. no religion will escape from it. and we will be judged by God equally (thats what i believe). you see its the matter of the heart and your deeds in your life. if we are living a sinful and shameful life, would that makes us better in the eyes of God?

i admit that me myself is also a sinner. i'm not perfect and i don't act as if i'm an angle here. it just that i think this topic shouldn't be posted anymore. and i want to propose to the moderator to remove this topic before everything will become worser. if you guys want to continue all this stuff, my pleasure. think of the impact later. the gap between every religion is already big, don't make it bigger. if all of you want keep on continuing to talk about it, till the end of day it won't stop cause only God know the truth. be wise. seek the good in every people in any circumstances regardless of their differences. be a blessing to each other and instill not hatred but love.

SJ-13-0362 : if god want 1 religion to worship Him, He ...



Kami minta ma'af kerana tidak dapat menganalisa kes ini dan apa isu yg berlaku di USM. Bidang fiqh memerlukan ahli fiqh mengetahui apa isu yg sebenarnya dan jika hanya satu keratan posting sahaja, maka sukarlah kami untuk mengesan punca masalah dan menganalisa isunya. Harap ma'af.